Two COVID-19 antiviral medicines are available to treat early COVID-19 at home. When taken early on in your COVID-19 illness, they can help you stay out of hospital. They are only available for eligible people.

IMPORTANT: For the protection of other patients and our staff, if you have tested positive for covid, are a household contact or are feeling unwell do not come into the pharmacy. We can run your consult over the phone and can deliver your medication contact-free to you at home. 

Free antiviral medicine is available to people who:


  • have COVID-19 and symptoms or are a Household Contact and have symptoms 

  • became sick within the last 5 days, and 

  • meet one of the additional antiviral eligibility criteria listed below.


Eligible people include:  


  • Māori or Pacific people aged 50 years or older 

  • everyone aged 65 years or older 

  • anyone aged 50 years or older with fewer than two Covid vaccinations 

  • anyone with a severely weakened immune system 

  • anyone with Down syndrome 

  • anyone with sickle cell disease 

  • anyone previously in critical or high dependency hospital care from Covid 

  • anyone with a disability who is at high risk of severe illness from COVID-19 

  • anyone with frailty or vulnerability due to one or more severe health conditions 

You are also eligible if you have 3 or more high-risk factors for severe illness from COVID-19. 


Visit to identify if you meet the criteria for ‘high risk of severe illness’ or are ‘severely immunocompromised’. 

You can see more detailed list of eligibility criteria on Pharmac's website here


What if I have a prescription from my doctor?

You must test postive before the medicines can be dispensed by a pharmacist.

You can submit your prescription to our pharmacy for dispensing and delivery here

Can I get a prescription directly from a pharmacy?

Yes, if you fit the eligibility criteria. 

Can I come to the pharmacy to collect my Covid-19 medicine?

Do not come into the Pharmacy if you have tested positive. If you get COVID-19 you must self-isolate for at least 7 days and cannot leave your home. If you are eligible for Covid-19 medicines, you can arrange to have them delivered by friends, whānau, or your pharmacy.

Our pharmacy has a local delivery option we can talk to you about on our consult for the supply of Covid-19 medicines.

We may also be able to deliver over-the-counter medicines to help you in your recovery from COVID-19.


**Information from Pharmac and Unite Against Covid-19 webistes.

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